A downloadable game for Windows

Flatcraft is a PC game that take up the famous Minecraft. There is basics mechanics of a survival, with multiple gamemode :

  • Survival
  • Sandbox
  • Mini-game

The development is complete, but might receive some updates.

If you are interested on our designing process of making minecraft here is a pdf that explain everything in french.

This is the first game we have ever done.  It is a project that we present to come into a school. We choosed Minecraft Theme because of the facility of design and art, we only had to program it.


W A S Dmove
RMBplace block
break / attack
ESCopen / close pause menu

If you encounter any bugs feel free to comments below


Flatcraft.rar 40 MB

Install instructions

- Download
- Extract
- Play !


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esta muy interesante puede que le aja una reseña y un pregunta sirve para 32 bits?

No entendí todo pero esta 64 bits textura.

no si es para PC 32 o 64 Bits la texturas no hace cambio para que compilaste en x86 o x64_86

Lo siento, he entendido mal ! Yo compilaste en x64_86.

damn, im here 7months later but ok, he said that if game works for 32bits devices